Dec 2017 Exxaro

However, Exxaro is striving to power better lives in Africa and beyond. What better way to demonstrate this “powering possibility journey” than by investing in our coal growth projects in the next 5 - 10 years?

A staggering R20bn worth of projects is in the pipeline, excluding “business of tomorrow” potential investments. What an exciting time lies ahead for all our employees and contractors involved in supporting the delivery of these projects!

In reality 30% of any capital project is spent directly or indirectly on wages or an income. Just imagine how many people in South Africa will feel the power of better lives by earning a well-deserved income in delivering these projects. It may be a drop in the ocean of joblessness in South Africa, but each project also has long-term benefits once fully ramped up to design capacity.

Each one of us has a part in realising dreams that will make a huge impact in the various local economies in South Africa and for our Exxaro shareholders. Be proud each day. You, yes you, will make a difference.

You are also part of a team. “One Team - One Goal” will shape the future we see on the horizon for these projects. Your contribution should include innovative solutions that are cutting-edge in our industry. I challenge all of you to contribute and collaborate with one another in delivering the mines of the future. I need all of you to make sure we deliver these projects safely, with a quality focus, on time and within budget.

In our journey ahead we should also have a “work-life integration” mindset as our families are depending on us to also be there for them each day. Have fun on our journey ahead and celebrate along the way when we achieve milestones together in 2018 and be.

Live life today!



Johan Meyer: Executive Head Projects and Technology

JOHAN MEYER: Executive Head Projects and Technology.