Dec 2017 Exxaro


In line with Exxaro’s functional leadership model and new strategy of Powering Better Lives Across Africa and Beyond, Executive Head Johan Meyer and his leadership team captured the Projects & Technology (P&T) purpose in a simple statement: “Technical and Capital Excellence (TCE)”. 

“I believe that a strategy is only as effective as the company culture that supports it - a good strategy within a bad culture will never bear fruit. Management guru Peter Drucker summed this up well by saying that culture eats strategy for breakfast. In P&T, our excellence and work-life integration culture, is an important lever of strategy execution. In total, P&T employs 76 permanent employees, and up to 1200 contractors and consultants. This number will increase to just under 6000 when the projects ramp-up in 2018, meaning that TCE will have to be so embedded in the work and norms of P&T employees, that it gets shared with new staff not just as a strategy, but as part of our culture,” says Johan.

TCE Focuses on four building blocks:
THE P&T LEADERSHIP TEAM IS MADE UP OF (front, from left) Baltimore Miles, Gerrit van Zyl, Clement Maila, and (back) Mervin Govender, Henk Lingenfelder, Chris Ballot, and Johan Meyer

6 functional units:

As no strategy gets executed without people,
all of this is supported and carried out by a
value-driven and productive workforce,
structured into these six functional units:


Headed up by Henk Lingenfelder, Geosciences consists of exploration, rock and geotechnical engineering, hydro and structural geology, geophysics and resource estimation, which includes data management, geo-modelling, estimation and spatial solutions (Geographic Information Systems).


Headed up by Chris Ballot, the Mining department provides mine design and planning support, mine reserve modelling & reporting, and also manage surveying services.


Headed up by Clement Maila, Metallurgy leads functional excellence on Mega Projects and Operations by providing metallurgical test-work and characterisation, process simulation modelling, process engineering design and Operations support expertise


Headed up by Baltimore Miles, Engineering provides civil, mechanical, electrical and mobile equipment engineering support to Mining Operations and Projects.

Project Management

Headed up by Mervin Govender, the Projects department develops and implements the company's coal strategic plan for all projects. This is done by leading process from pre-feasibility to implementation and defining and monitoring project policies and governance.

Project Assurance & Value Engineering (PA&VE)

Headed up by Gerrit van Zyl, PA&VE provides technical assurance and value assessments of potential projects, to support decision-makers in their appraisal. They execute, guide and support highly specialised processes that ultimately answer two key questions: ‘Is this an optimised proposal?’, and ‘When will the promised results be realised?’