Dec 2017 Exxaro
state of affairs


Exxaro’s new head office is shaping up to be one of the most collaborative environments to foster more informal contact and conversations that stimulate thinking. This will happen not only in the finished product, but is already happening on the project.

Project manager Dirk Laubscher, who has delivered countless mega-coal projects, heads up the Exxaro Lakeside Development (ELD) project in conjunction with building owner, GrowthPoint. As the tenant, Exxaro is also the customer and therefore Dirk and his team will ensure that the building reflects Exxaro’s commitment to innovation and sustainable business.

With ergonomics and aesthetics being as important as structural integrity and accessibility, core project resources differ from that of a typical coal project. Building architects and industrial designers work alongside systems architects and industrial engineers; art curators alongside quantity surveyors.

“I believe that we have just the right mix of skills and creativity on this project to ensure the successful delivery thereof,” says Dirk of the team.

“Important outcomes for us include accessibility and style, health and safety, as well as overall sustainability of the building. For example, Centurion is quite central but the area is congested so we need to find ways to ease the traffic strain for employees and customers. From a sustainability perspective, features like zoned lighting, water-efficient fixtures, rainwater harvesting for use in toilets and landscape irrigation, and indigenous landscaping are key deliverables. Of course, the building must be both fun and functional, so we’ll also pay attention to the design of work and meeting spaces, the kitchen and pause areas for employees. For our customers and partners, we’ll focus on great reception and meeting areas.

“ELD is taking us on a fantastic journey that will usher in a new era of inspiration and collaboration in the life of Exxaro,” Dirk concludes.

Completed sections of the raft foundation with progress on rebar for adjacent section.