Dec 2017 Exxaro
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To further strengthen the GG6 motto of “One Team, One Goal”, the GG6 team is powering the human potential on the project by focusing on team and culture development journeys that support efficiency. “Incredible Teams journey” is an exciting team and culture development programme that is centred around three aspects: direction, relationships and spirit.

In developing the aspect of direction, leaders are committing that all team members will have clarity of their roles and responsibilities before the end of 2017. One of the ways they will clarify roles and responsibilities is by completing a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) matrix, which will be re-evaluated on a quarterly basis.

The aspects of relationships and team spirit are being addressed by first evaluating which human dynamic risks affect work engagement and team performance on the project. A plan of action will then be formulated to mitigate these and build the desired team dynamics and culture.

The current bi-monthly inter-team sessions will be used as the platform to engage employees and transfer the identified key relational skills. We encourage everyone to schedule a one-on-one coaching session for the times in between the inter-team sessions, to support and strengthen the learnings.

The first inter-team session focussed on determining the team members’ personalities and social preferences. The emphasis was on bringing together the strengths of team members and to help them better understand how and why they relate the way they do with fellow team members, and what they need to do to improve the relationship.

As the employee engagement custodian, stakeholder engagement portfolio holder Cecilia Stone has formulated a comprehensive communication campaign to sensitise GG6 employees to this process, and enable them to share their stories and suggestions. Cecilia will ensure that themes are communicated on a regular basis throughout our project life cycle.

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