Dec 2017 Exxaro



1Belonging to books and PMBOK (8)
4An action or a document showing progress (6)
5Document where stakeholders are recorded (8)
7Abbreviation for an occurrence that resulted in a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work (3)
8There are three mines in this Mpumalanga complex (5)


1A statement of the project scope, objectives, and participants (7)
2The weight measurement for our massive coal quantities (3)
3These actions are put in place to plan, manage and mitigate cost and schedule issues on a project (8)
6Mitigate coal discard management risks with this nifty system (4)

Spot quiz

  1. Marinus loves to play tricks. One Tuesday he sent an email to his PA that said, “I’ll be back in the office three days before one week after the day after tomorrow.” When would he be back?
  2. Itumeleng had dinner the other night with his only sibling’s husband’s mother-in-law’s only daughter-in-law. With whom did he have dinner?
  3. A guy bet his neighbour R100 that his dog could jump higher than a house. Thinking this was not possible, the neighbour took the bet and lost. Why did he lose the bet?
  4. What won’t break if you throw it off the highest building in the world, but will break if you put it in the ocean?